This or That- A Lighthearted Post Because I CAN.

Is there anyone else who loves reading posts like these?  Sometimes you just need these kind of things that mean absolutely nothing but are everything in your daily life all at the same time.  I am a human, not a robot, and these kind of things really connect you to the writer of the blog.

Or so I think.

I saw these questions on Jillian’s blog and loved reading her answers, so I had to give it a spin myself.  Side note:  If you haven’t checked out her blog, definitely do it!  She’s a joy to read 😘👍.

I also love link love posts, and lists of random stuff.  The queen of these lists is Shutterbean, so if you need a good dose of random and without doubt a few laughs, be sure to check that out too.

I just had a thought pop into my head about the latest season of Orange is The New Black.  This whole “This or That” game, reminded me of the creepy new guard and him playing this game with the Latinas… you know the episode I’m talking about?  Yeah… rest assured this game of “This or That” is NOTHING like their version.

So without further ado:

Instagram or Twitter?

Instagram, 100%. I could never figure out Twitter, but that could just be me and my lack of technological savvy.  I love scrolling through my instagram feed and being able to see life 100% in colorful fabulous imagery- it appeals to the artist within me.  Plus, does anyone else find the Twitter bird notification sound super annoying?!

Pepsi or Coke?

Ooh, tough one.  People say you can’t tell the difference, but there is one, albeit subtle.  I think I really alternate, but in general I think I’m a Coke person.  Every so often I get tired of it and switch to Pepsi, but it never lasts more than a couple.

Bath or shower?

“Showers. Who has the time for baths, honestly? Haha I’m kidding. Personally, I don’t like baths. The thought of laying in bath water that’s filled with my dirt from the day grosses me out. Sorry not sorry.”

THIS!  This was Jillian’s answer, and I finally can say I found someone who shares my opinion about lying in your own filth!  Boyfriend is always giving me grief about how ridiculous this is, but FINALLY I’ve found someone who agrees.😁

Plus, I get super anxious in baths for some reason.  I’m not sure why.  I’m okay if the water is warm, or lukewarm, but I can’t handle hot.  It freaks my system out, my throat constricts, and I feel like I’m suffocating.  The only exception to this is when it’s the middle of winter and you’re in a hot tub, but the air around you is cold.  Then, I’m good.  I don’t know why this is, but it makes saunas impossible too.

Glasses or contacts?

Well, funny story, I used to have glasses.  For at least… 2 or 3 years.  Plus a stint when I was in elementary school.  Miraculously however, my astigmatism corrected itself right after graduation.  The optometrist was amazed, and confused, as I had gone to him because my glasses were blurry to me and I thought I needed a STRONGER prescription or something.  I still have them, but they only ever make an appearance when my eyes are SUPER tired or I’m sick, where they seem to help.  I’ve never tried contacts, but I’m pretty sure if I did, it would be something like the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding where she almost blinds herself.  I don’t think I could stick them in my eyes without blinking as I have enough troubles with eye drops.

Online shopping or shopping in store?

Depends.  There’s something about shopping in store that’s SO much more fun.  I love to make a day out of just wondering through shops and up streets and looking at stuff. Most of the time I don’t even get things, although I would if I was rich, but the process is fun!  And there’s no way I can clothes shop online, as I seem to be totally different sizes in everything and am not really in touch with my actual body size as the dysmorphia will often get the better of me.  BUT, I also LOVE AMAZON!  Most of my cooking stuff, coffee, books, and things like that will be online as it’s often a much better deal and so much more accessible as I live in a small town without many shopping options in the first place.

Coffee or tea?

BOTH!  Four months ago I would have said tea, 100%.  But as part of my recovery I have a latte everyday midmorning, and give myself permission to enjoy it fully, and it’s one of the things I enjoy most about my morning.  I’m getting pretty good at making them too.

The rest of the day it’s tea 100% though.  Especially The Spice is Right from DAVIDsTEA… I can’t get enough, and will easily go through half a kilo a month.  No joke.  It’s a problem, and all the staff at the store know me by name now, and know exactly what I’m coming for with my jumbo half kilo tin every month.

Pen or pencil?

Pen.  Pen, pen, pen.  Does anyone else have a favourite ink thickness too?  I have this addiction to slightly thicker ink, not quite like a thin sharpie but between that and a ballpoint.  My old boss always had the best pens, and they had the PERFECT thickness.  I was constantly on the hunt for these pens but I could never find them, and then when I did come across one I liked, I ALWAYS forgot to write down which one it was so once it ran out I was right back to square one.  I’m still looking…

Pancakes or waffles?

Mmmmm…. sweet pancakes and savoury waffles.  If that makes sense?  I adore dense, hearty pancakes, that I glom up with rolled oats, and I don’t touch those light fluffy ones if I can help it.  Hence if I’m out for breakfast, you’ll never see me ordering pancakes, because they just don’t get it!  BUT, one of my favourite lunch things is making a savoury buttermilk cornbread waffle and then topping it with guacamole, black beans, and cheese.  Nom.

Side note:  I HATE MAPLE SYRUP on pancakes.  And I HATE WHIPPING CREAM always.  Like nothing grosses me out more.  I always top mine with nut butter, or cottage cheese, or yogurt.  And granola.  And fruit.  Perfect.  It was hilarious at the residential treatment center I was in, because every couple of weeks on a weekend we would have pancakes for breakfast one morning.  And not only were the pancakes light and fluffy, but you had two topping options: maple syrup and butter, or strawberries and whipped cream.  Can you see my dilemma?!  I always asked, “Can’t I have butter, and strawberries?”  No dice.  I hated that breakfast.  I always went for the whipped cream and strawberries though and choked it down, because if you picked the maple syrup and butter, you had to have a whole quarter cup of syrup on just one silver dollar pancake.  It was literally, did you want a pancake with your syrup?!  I mean I guess I could have just played Gilligan’s pancake Island in a maple syrup sea too… but they probably would have called food games disordered too.

Winter or summer?

SUMMER.  Boyfriend would have called this instantly without even looking at the answer.  I struggle so much with winter because I get cold so easily.  I always have, even before the eating disorder.  We’re only a few days into cooler weather, and I swear I’ve said, “I’m freezing!” at least 4 or 5 times.  The plus to winter though is we do have a heater, whereas we don’t have an air conditioner.  And cozy sweaters, hot lattes, tea, and PSL.  But that’s more fall than winter… and that wasn’t an option.  Actually keep my temperature in the 15 to 25 degree range, and I’d be one happy camper!

Sweater or hoodie?

Probably zip up lighter hoodie, or my absolute favourite kale sweatshirt.  Seriously, there is nothing as comfy as this guy!

Sun or moon?

Sun.  I’m a morning person, and sunrise means breakfast.  And breakfast means oatmeal.  And oatmeal means BEST THING EVER!

Tv shows or movies?

Probably TV shows, although I don’t watch either with any regularity.  I mean I like to GO to the movies, but I love the fact that when you get hooked on a TV show you have something to look forward to every week, and it’s prolonged.  Movies are over and done with.  I mean come on Grey’s Anatomy, Orange is the New Black, the Amazing Race, Friends, Gilmore Girls… they’re all genius.

Side note:  Boyfriend and I just started watching Stranger Things last night… we’re two episodes in and hooked.  Who else is watching?!

Rain or snow?

RAIN!  I love rain!  Just like I love the ocean… man I need to live on the coast!  There’s something about it that is so relaxing, and when I’m anxious and it’s raining, I throw open the windows and just smell that fresh signature scent.  And the sound… oh it’s the best.

Snow is cold, and wet, and icky, and turns to ice.  And then you can’t ride your bike.  And you walk, slip, and fall in the middle of a crosswalk, probably in a pile of dirty snow-plowed snow that is also yellow because Winston (my dog) has no filter and has peed on it.  Yep, can you tell I hate winter.  And I hate snow.

Chocolate or vanilla?


Vanilla.  Vanilla yogurt is the best.  Vanilla based ice cream is the best.  BUT vanilla with chocolate chips, or vanilla with chocolate chip cookie dough, or vanilla with oreo crumbles…. that’s where it’s at!

But dark chocolate covered almonds, or dark fudgey brownies, or Justin’s Dark chocolate peanut butter cups…

OH the decision is too much!

3 thoughts on “This or That- A Lighthearted Post Because I CAN.

  1. Instagram or Twitter – Instagram. I’ve never been on Twitter, and I 100% never want to join!

    Pepsi or Coke – I don’t drink either, and have NEVER tried Pepsi, so I suppose I’ll have to go coke. I don’t really like proper fizzy drinks, more like sparkling drinks – water, elderflower etc.

    Contacts or Glasses – I don’t have to wear them thankfully… I dunno. Probably would depend on the situation. Glasses for reading/driving etc, but if I was out for the day or at a festival or something, then I’d go for contacts, although the thought of putting them in my eyes… ugh.

    Online Shopping or Shopping In Store – Well, I much prefer shopping in Store for clothes because nothing ever looks the same as online. But, due to anxiety, that makes it pretty difficult. So, I guess online. I never really shop for clothes. Books, always in store. Bookshops (particularly individual ones which is my preference) are usually very quiet with little nooks to hide in 🙂

    Coffee or tea – Taste wise: tea all the way. Builder’s, splash of milk, no sugar 🙂

    Pen or Pencil – Well, pen. Although I do so much on the computer now. I miss hand writing. I still write all my letters by hand, which is lovely. And I make notes on books I’m reading (not ON the book, mind you) by hand. I love pens. I have a ridiculous collection. I just love stationary really! Pencils are for Sudokus and stuff like that. And memories of primary school.

    Pancakes or Waffles – it’s been so long since I’ve eaten either, not that I had them regularly. Maybe ten years? I had pancakes more, because we don’t own a waffle maker. I guess pancakes, just sugar and lemon. I’m with you on this one: don’t drown things in maple syrup!

    Winter or Summer – Easy one. SUMMER. One hundred percent. I get so down in winter, waking up in the dark, barely properly getting light all day, and then dark so early. I wish humans could hibernate. I get cold in the summer anyway, so winter’s a nightmare 😦 Like you.

    Sweater or Hoodie – HOODIE! I love my hoodies 🙂 My favourite ones would be: my Gryffindor hoody, my choir tour hoody from when I was younger, my superman hoody, my Sea Salt hoody, my OTHER sea salt hoody… Yeah. But I love sweaters too – my lovely turquoise one, gorgeous multicoloured one I’m wearing now, my silly Christmas one… Basically, I like warm clothes. They’re out all year round anyway 😛

    Sun or Moon – Difficult. I love the sun and being outside, but a clear night when you can see the moon properly is magical. Just magic.

    TV shows or films – really depends. I watch more TV shows, as we’ve got Netflix and it’s just easier. I got partway through Breaking Bad, and got so bored I gave up, same with Heroes. And I’m on a hiatus from Orange is the New Black because it’s getting a bit samey – I’m on series 3, so maybe series 4 will pick up. I ADORE the Gilmore Girls, and am really enjoying the West Wing at the moment. Ooh, and Stranger Things is fantastic – I finished it on Wednesday! Slightly disappointing ending – I wanted to know more! But SUCH a good programme. Keep going!
    Any good film recommendations? I kinda miss watching a film every now and then.

    Rain or Snow – Can I say both? When you’re properly bundled up for either, I love it. When I was younger and didn’t get so cold, my brother and I used to go out and lie on the grass when it was pouring. And my dad and I used to make snow angels when we went to Scotland. Nice memories.
    Side note: I hate that sort of mizzly rain, where it’s just sort of wet, but not properly raining. If you’re gonna do weather, do it properly!

    Vanilla or chocolate – Again, a long time ago since I had chocolate, but even when I did it would’ve been vanilla. Definitely. Chocolate flavoured things (e.g. ice cream) are gross. Don’t care what anyone else says.

    Thanks for this – nice to have something light-hearted 🙂 Hope some more people answer too!


    1. Fantastic! Thanks so much for replying, loved getting to know some stuff about you! Series 4 definitely picks up in OITNB, as I was at the same point you were in series 3, so definitely try to keep going with it.

      As for good film recommendations… well, my favourite-est is The Devil Wears Prada. I’ve seen it so many times! Some other good ones I’ve seen popping to mind right now are War Dogs, Catch Me if You Can, PS I Love You, Leap Year, RED… I’m blanking on others haha.

      Books is an interesting one. I’ll always scope out a book in store, but when I decide to buy one I’ll always buy online or at Costco, because it’s WAY cheaper. Unless I’m so hooked I can’t wait for it to ship, then I’ll buy it on the spot (usually the case with cookbooks but I’m trying to contain myself 😉)


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